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Frank Davis, Director

  • To provide quality child care that conforms to all guidelines and regulations within the Department of Children and Family Services.
  • To direct a school that seeks to provide opportunities for children to develop Character, Manners, Social Skills, Academic Abilities, Community Involvement, and provide a foundation that fosters a Love of Learning.
  • I feel that child care is one of the most important and most overlooked issue in our society today. I feel that child care should be three tightly interwoven yet separate strands that involve the center, the parent, and the child.
  • I believe that Early Childhood Learning and Child Care centers must be a triad, connected at three points for the ultimate experience and program for both child and parents.
  • It is therefore my vision to guide a facility which is rich in quality and professionalism that meets the needs of children and families as individuals.
Triad for Excellent Child Care

1. The Child Care Center: A quality child development center will cherish a child's autonomy, while providing the necessary guidance and education in a secure, safe environment. The care givers will model appropriate behavior and be responsive and sensitive to children in the area of attitude, respect, and explanation. The center will balance a child's day with structured and unstructured time. An outstanding program will concentrate on transition time as well as activity time. Our center prides itself  in a program that balances social, academic, and community.

2. The Child: A child's comfort level should be of prime importance to a quality center. Children are very sensitive to change, and are most comfortable in a care setting which is emotionally, physically, cognitively, and socially consistent. Children will express their confidence by expressing pride in their work and school. Role playing their teachers, talking about friends, and "missing school" on an off day, are all indicative of a child's positive comfort level.

3. The Parent: It is a difficult decision to choose the right center for your family. Referral agencies, the Department of Children and Family Services, and word of mouth, can make this very important decision a secure and pleasant choice. Once a decision is made, the responsibility of a parent does not stop. Involvement in the center is of utmost importance. A parent must feel that they can share their opinion in all facets of the school. An open door policy in which parents are welcomed at any time is key to a healthy relationship. It is the center's responsibility to be responsive to "the family" which attends their school.

A Comfortable Relationship is one in which the security and well being of the child, trust from the parent, and professionalism of the center will mesh together. This is the mission of LECC.

Director, Frank Davis

After volunteering in the Oakton Community College preschool, I was asked to join the staff on a permanent basis. It was at this point in 1982, that my career goals became defined. I was especially aware of the need for positive male role models in child care. I received my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development, while working at the Oakton Lab School, as an Assistant Teacher. I met my Practicam requirements at the Evanston Child Care Center, gaining additional hands-on experience. Within three months, I was employed by the center. I supplemented my education in Early Childhood by achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Psychology. Prior to my involvement with the Lindenhurst Child Care Center in 1992, I was involved in all aspects of child care management. I have surrounded myself with a qualified staff who support my philosophy and commitment to provide an outstanding early childhood program.

I have been married over twenty five years to Anita and have 4 children Adam, Jordan , Jillion and Marie (twins). I am involved in Willow Creek Community Church, The 100% Foundation, and enjoy spending time with my family.
My greatest joy is getting our LECC families involved in becoming community advocates. I feel a child is never too young to become apart of this process.
After nearly 25 years at LECC, I have found the most rewarding aspect of my job, to be when I receive a phone call or letter from past student and their family. We have recently enrolled a few students whose parents attended LECC years ago. Talk about "full circle"!

Lindenhurst Early Childhood Center
309 Granada Blvd.
Lindenhurst, IL 60046
Phone: (847) 356-2288


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